Age Range
Ages: to years
Park Slope
Ages: 6 to 18 years
  • Who: BK Bots
  • Where: Park Slope, Brooklyn
  • When: Grades two through twelve
  • Why: STEM skills
  • What: Lego Robotics, Computer programming, Advanced Engineering
  • Bonus: Birthday parties and summer camps. Corporate team building.

BK Bots provides a safe space for discovery learning. The team is constantly brainstorming ways to stay updated. Each instructor at BK Bots has experience working with kids and robotics. The founder is an educator and mechanical engineer who has designed each class to integrate the core tenets of STEM education with hands-on activities creating a fun and educational curriculum.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are increasingly popular subjects with an occupation growth rate of almost 17%. Math and science are important component for the future and giving your child exposure in these subjects will give them a head start. After school programs help children realize STEM is not just academic but can be fun and enriching. It will create better future leaders who will be able to solve problems and effectively engage in competitive global economies.

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Ages: 5 to 12 years
Ages: 2 to 14 years
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