Ages: 4 to 18 years
273 Bowery, New York, NY 10002, USA
273 Bowery New York New York 10002 US
  • Who: Artpiques
  • Where: New York
  • When: 4+
  • Why: Art and social skills,
  • What:  High quality art instruction

A group of artists, innovators and leaders have come together at Artpiques to engage children in social initiatives, make a positive impact in the world and get high quality art training. The small class sizes ensure children get individual attention. Instructors work with children in a fun friendly and safe environment. Onus is also on making children socially responsible, locally and globally, but in a non-threatening manner using respect and compassion. The aim is to strive for excellence

Art helps children improve fine motor and creative skills. It also boosts self-confidence and allows introverts to express themselves using another medium. Children understand problem solving, team-building, imbibe a love for learning and exploring, prepare for a possible future career, develop a different part of the brain and fine tune sensibilities.

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Ages: to years