Brooklyn Beanstalk

Ages: 1 to 18 years
192 Luquer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA
192 Luquer Street Brooklyn New York 11231 US
  • Who: Brooklyn Beanstalk
  • Where: Brooklyn
  • When:16 months on
  • Why: Language immersion and creative enrichment
  • What: Spanish and French through arts
  • Bonus: Offer offsite, after school and customized programs

Founded by French performing artists, Brooklyn Beanstalk offers creative enrichment through Spanish and French language classes. They are located in a number of Brooklyn locations and also offer offsite services at daycares, preschools, elementary schools and after school. The aim is to create happy, curious, social and self-confident lifelong learners via a fun, interactive learning environment.

Learning a language is a great way to bridge an awareness gap while at the same time encouraging children to engage and be social. It expands their world vision. Children develop a healthy sense of curiosity and compassion. It helps them become better global citizens and develop a sense of cultural identity. Children develop a long-lasting love of language and the arts and sharpen critical thinking skills.

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Age Range
Ages: to years