Manhattan Mandarin

Ages: 1 to 18 years
208 E 73rd St, New York, NY 10021, USA
208 East 73rd Street New York New York 10021 US
  • Who: Manhattan Mandarin
  • Where: New York City and Hamptons
  • When: All ages from 1 year-old
  • Why: Language, social, math and music skills
  • What: Learn Mandarin
  • Bonus: Private lessons, After school programs

Manhattan Mandarin provides tutoring to children starting as early as one year old until adults. It runs after school programs at many NYC schools and works closely with heads of Mandarin departments in many New York schools in order to stay abreast of current teaching methods and the academic standards. Students benefit from professional tutors and can get private lessons in their homes or at the office as well as in group classes. In group classes children learn Mandarin in a fun manner through song and dance, conducted by language professionals with musical backgrounds.

Learning a language is a great way to bridge an awareness gap while at the same time encouraging children to engage and be social. It expands their world vision. Children develop a healthy sense of curiosity and compassion. It helps them become better global citizens and develop a sense of cultural identity. Children develop a long lasting love of language and the arts and sharpen critical thinking skills.

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