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The Amazing Max

The Amazing Max is good for kids ages 3+.  Location: Theater at Blessed Sacrament.  152 W 71st Street, New York, NY.  See Upcoming shows also outside of NYC.

Father’s Day Performance 6/19/16 includes a post show experience where Max will teach a special magic trick for a child and father to perform together!  Open to all members of the audience.

Max Darwin earned the moniker “The Amazing Max“ for his extraordinary skills as a magician and also for his ability to entertain adult audiences while keeping the little ones spellbound.

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Max combines magic and comedy, making objects appear and disappear and generally defying the laws of physics inches from theatergoer’s faces. This high-energy, interactive and all-around silly show is appropriate for audiences of all ages. The Amazing Max, is a perfect way to spend time with the entire family!

Shows from June to August in Manhattan, White Plains, and Patchague.

List of Upcoming Shows:

6/18/16, 2:00pm*  (White Plains, NY)
6/19/16, 3:30pm** (New York, NY)
6/25/16, 1:00pm  (New York, NY)
7/2/16, 1:00pm  (New York, NY)
7/10/16, 3:30pm  (New York, NY)
7/21/16, 10:30am  (New York, NY)
7/30/16, 1:00pm  (New York, NY)
7/31/16, 3:30pm  (New York, NY)
8/12/16, 10:30am & 1:00pm*  (Patchague, NY)
8/14/16, 3:30pm  (New York, NY)
8/20/16, 1:00pm  (New York, NY)
8/21/16, 3:30pm  (New York, NY)
8/27/16, 1:00pm  (New York, NY)
8/28/16, 3:30pm  (New York, NY)